Very Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays!

We are super grateful to know you and your family. Though I haven’t sent Christmas cards (ever, ahem), just know I adore you just as you are. You inspire me with your awesomeness. And your juggling ability.

We’re old now. At least old enough to be “adult” which is shocking. I really thought I’d be smarter by now. Bleep me. You seem to have it all together. Good for you. I learn from you. So . . . keep it together eh. 😉

It may not be the beginning, but it certainly isn’t the end. So let’s just say that it’s only the end of the beginning. We have so much life left and so much adventure ahead. You’re the one I want to share it with. Let’s get crazy old together. You in?


From Kate and Lady the Little Pirate