Nonverbal Cues in Casinos

A place heavy with nonverbal cues is a casino. Some of the best nonverbal environmental research is done for them. If you have ever entered a casino you may have noticed the carpet . . . specifically, how busy and probably hideous the carpet is. For the uninitiated, the crazy patterns serve two main purposes. …

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Basic Economics – Young Minds, Powerful Lessons

It is difficult to find a text to ignite enthusiasm in children for basic economics. Actually, it’s difficult to find a text that teaches economics to adults (I do recommend Thomas Sowell’s Basic Economics) . . . which leads to all sorts of other problems…. But that’s for another day. In the far, far background …

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Influence and Body Language in New York City/Newark/Philly

Body LanguageOctober 7-11, I will be in New York City to speak on Causing Cognition through Body Language at various private functions and helping Kevin Hogan at his Body Language Mastery Course also in New York, October 10-11.

Kevin has some stellar surprise guests planned. He is after all the man who wrote the book on Body Language and has trained the best in the business. It’s worth the trek. Come find me at  

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