Superstar Effect

Everyone’s favorite Intimidators

WinningThe Weekend Journal recently published an article on one of my favorite topics – the Superstar Effect. They also kindly included a list of the most famous intimidators. Here is that list:

Muhammad Ali – noting himself as the “greatest” and following it up with a nasty punch . . . very effective.

Jack Welch – up or out, either do great work or find a new job – grew GE’s market cap from $14B to $400B . . .

Babe Ruth – considered the first celebrity athlete

Michael Jordan – UNC champ whose jersey still sells in the Top 10, wait, make that #1 for the NBA…. His White Sox jersey doesn’t do quite as well. He is still “the Man” in the NBA.

Roger Federer – opponents admit he is just that much better. Understated domination.

Tiger Woods – causes others on the golf course to take extra swings just knowing that he is on the course. Literally induces anxiety in tournament participants, that anxiety vaporizes if he plays poorly.