Super Stars Mini-mite Hockey

MiniIf you haven’t seen the latest in mini-mite super stars, check out this video of a 9 year old. Now this trick is a learned trick and wouldn’t fly in the NHL (puck must be moving forward at all times – this one doesn’t), but come on, it’s pretty cool to watch.

Fair warning, this video has more camera angles than a Versus broadcast.

The kid’s father played in the Swedish elite league for 9 years so Junior is not new to hockey. Just goes to show what the right environment produces. Junior is playing with the 12 year olds.

Youtube removed the video 🙁

I love the look on the goalie’s face. That’s a WTF if I ever saw one. Look at the way his hand is upturned after the shot goes through. You can see his shock even through the goalie mask.

Expect a rush of kids making crazy hockey shots over the next several months. Nothing like healthy competition.


14 thoughts on “Super Stars Mini-mite Hockey”

  1. I don’t know anything about hockey. Why the heck isn’t that legal – it was great! (not to mention it was done on my home team’s ice. I do believe that play took place on the Bruin’s ice in Boston at the Bank North Garden or whatever the heck they’re calling it these days!

    Lisa McLellan

  2. the nhl is a bunch of wimps if they don’t allow this.

    what about juke moves where they pull the puck back before a shot?

    Seize the Day,

  3. That is an awesome goal. We could have used that when the FIghting SIoux of North Dakota tied the Minnesota Golden Gophers on Saturday.

    Robert Martin

  4. It would be heart-breaking to score such a fantastic goal and have it disallowed.

    Excuse my ice hockey niaivity but how can the puck be moving forward at all times? What happens when it gets to the other end? Are no back passes allowed? Why?!

  5. Love it! And against 12yr olds too. There is quite a size difference at that age. Bet he is a tricky one to babysit.

    Keri Eagan

  6. Hi Kate,

    oh what a FUN and fabulous shot. I never get to watch mini-mite or pee-wee hockey!

    hmmm, his dad sounds like my kind of guy, too. We LOVE hockey players in my family

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell
    Single Boomer Dating Expert

  7. Love the shot! Very cool and if you could pull it off in an NHL game, I think it should be legal.


    Jen Battaglino

    • If you pulled that one off in a game (other than the All Star game . . . which isn’t a game persee), you would get a sound drumming by the other team’s enforcer. But, it’d probably be worth it. 🙂


  8. Well I kinda missed it the first 2 times, but after 5 replays I think I finally understood it. That kid throws one mean shot! I actually really like watching kids’ sports like Little League Baseball on ESPN.

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