Sports Stat of the Week: HPHS Football Leadership

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Preseason is in full swing.With that in mind a little stat on football leadership from a local high school.

In researching the athletic prowess and at Highland Park High School for comparison with its academic (Nobels and Rhodes) prowess, I stumbled across this little tidbit . . . of our big stars in the NFL, all three have played for the Detroit Lions. By Big Stars, I am referring to Hall of Fame Inductees and the #1, first round draft pick of 2009. Selective list to be sure.

Here is the list of HPHS alum in the NFL. No doubt I am missing some guys so please feel free to let me know in the comments and I will update accordingly. The year indicated is the high school graduation year.

Bobby Layne 1944 Detroit Lions
Doak Walker 1945 Detroit Lions
Fred Benners 1947 New York Giants
John Roach 1952 Packers and Cowboys
Dave Richards 1983 Chargers, LIONS, Falcons, Patriots
Kyle Williams 2002 Seahawks
Anthony Schlegel 2002 Jets and Bengals
Daniel Sepulveda 2002 Steelers
Matt Stafford 2006 Detroit Lions

We also have some top-notch Baseball players in MLB. Never mind the loads of Olympic medals, this list is about football. Happy Football Season!