Personal Influence – Office Supplies?


What kind of pen do you use at the office?

Is it a regular Bic disposable, a Cross or Mont Blanc, or is it the freebie from a pharmacutical sales rep?

If you use a freebie or the basic disposable, consider using a less disposable (everything is ultimately disposable, right?) pen for one day. Even better, try it for one week.

Do this now.

Next week I will gather and promote your stories. There’s something “else” going on here. Not all pens are treated equal….

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13 thoughts on “Personal Influence – Office Supplies?”

  1. I can;pt believe I missed this one. I love office supplies and weirdly, office supply stores. I use pens I pick up in my travels, usually from hotels. These are my everyday pens and I always carry two or three of them.

    I have a fancy Cross pen for signing contracts with customers. One of the first lessons I was taught as a salesperson was to carry a real nice pen.

    Steve Chambers
    Business to Business Sales Training Expert

  2. I use pens that write fast. Yes some pens don’t move across the paper with enough speed for me. With all the note taking I do during a session, it will actually bother my hand and wrist after several sessions in a day.
    So the pen has to want to work with me. I try to get refillable pens once I find one I like.
    And so the obsession continues. My husband gets scared when I call from Staples…he knows I can’t resist trying a new pen!

    Jen B

  3. I’m a bit of a stationary freak. I love the way a well designed pen feels on the page. My favourite is not that expensive either but still has a certain look about it that is professional and stylish. Since I do lots of writing pens are pretty important in this household.

    Keri Eagan

  4. Hi Kate,

    My Mont Blancs are in my storage unit, so I cannot immediately participate.

    Indeed, also using something of such beauty is part of my working on teaching myself to experience and live The Best, because I deserve The Best. Even the stores where you purchase disposable pens (Staples, Office Depot, Office Max) are part of the middle class cattle car experience of inculcation.

    I look forward to wherever you are taking this thread. On the disposable side, I LOVE the BLUE Uni-ball vision MICRO tip pens.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell

    Single Baby Boomer Dating Success Expert

  5. I like to use Waterford, medium point, blue ink when I am really giving thought to what I’m doing. But the convenience of having 6 to 12 pens scattered around the home and office leads me to choose ballpoint gel pens with a wide grip as my every day, all day pen.

  6. I carry a piece of coal! Just kidding. I grab whatever I can find and sometimes I can’t find anythign that works. I like this idea. I’ve give it a try. I have a blue marble pen – it always feels cool in my hand. I’ll carry that for a few days and see if my clients respond any different.

  7. I actually use a flowered pen that came with a stack of paper. It was a Christmas gift all tied up with a bow. And I purposely use it because of the flowers. Its not a typical disposable pen but I don’t think it was very expensive either. I use it because I work with all men and none would be caught dead using a flowered pen. If I use a regular Bic someone will inevitably use it while I’m not there and walk off with it accidentally. The flowered one is always there!

    Lisa McLellan

  8. I’m a writer, so I my #1 rule is to have pens everywhere- my car, my bedroom, my briefcase, my person. (Rule #2 is to have something to write on) I work with an engineer sometimes who actually rejected my cheapie pen when he needed to sketch out an idea! After that went to the office supply store. I lose pens a lot, so I take the cheap ones with me and keep the heavy ones for sales meetings. (“The pen is your friend”- Brian Tracy, Low Profile Selling, I think..) I also have a pen run out on my at least once a week. I also have studied handwriting analysis, and different pens give a different look on paper, depending on their “fineness”, ink flow, grip and ink color.

  9. I like Blue ink Pilot v-ball grip in bold as my “disposable” pens.
    And for meeting notes and journaling, I use the Lamy Safari rollerball. I have a blue one and a yellow one… one with black and one with blue ink…

    Seize the Day,


  10. I’m carrying a Mont Blanc and a red Bic!

    I haven’t really thought about it before, but the Mont Blanc probably suggests an authoritative, successful person, whilst the red Bic suggests I need to mark the client’s work!

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