Numbers for Nerds

If you get excited about numbers, today is a spetacular day.


It is a rare opportunity to present the date in binary form (that’s not the actual binary date however).

So just how rare is it?

Have you figured out how many times in a century you can represent the date with 1s and 0s without getting your arse kicked in public?

cropped kateAnswer below.

Very Happy New Year to you and yours! if you’re in Dallas, I have extra Cotton Bowl tickets, give a shout.



01/01/00, 01/10/00, 10/01/00, 10/10/00

01/01/01, 01/10/01, 10/01/01, 10/10/01

01/01/10, 01/10/10, 10/01/10, 10/10/10

Percentage of days you can be slightly cool with numbers, or feel slightly, smuggly numerically superior – also known as “clever” . . .

12 days


36525 days

Or, .03% of the century.

We only have 3 more left this century, so grab your binary buddies and part hats. We’re gonna party like it’s 10-10-10!

2 thoughts on “Numbers for Nerds”

  1. What about:

    11/11/11, 11/11/10, 11/11/01, 11/11/00
    11/10/11, etc
    11/01/11, etc
    10/11/11, etc
    01/11/11, etc
    01/10/11, 01/01/11, 10/01/11, 10/10/11

    My brain hurts!!

  2. I’ve done extensive binary numbers when getting Bachelor’s in Computer Science. It’s not too bad once you get into it.
    Happy New Year Kate! 😀

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