Macs are craptastic – iRant

Okay, a few weeks into mac ownership and I officially hate it. This damn machine regularly grinds to a halt with exotic programs like iPhoto open. Folks, this is supposed to make my life easier and I am rueing the day I met Mac.

So far I have crashed iPhoto everytime I’ve opened it. Please note: I have a whopping 29 photos that have been taken with iPhoto. I have also now crashed iMovie while making a 1 minute movie with the embedded camera – first effort with iMovie. My thoughts on iMac –


Mac Crash

Not only do various programs not work like you expect them, but basic programs you take for granted on a windows machine are not readily available . . . like Paint. Sometimes you need to cut and paste within a graphic file – say move one part of the graphic to another place on the graphic. Can mac do that? NOT with standard software, no it cannot. Even the three program elaborate work-around I created to make the iMac do this graphic work for me ultimately stops just short of letting me edit graphics fully. This is stuff I can do in 20 seconds in Paint. #@#@BLEEP#$#$

All those printer drivers it recognizes, nice, but does it print? Sadly, no. So my iMac recognizes my printer, but won’t actually print to it. GD FFF

If you are on the fence about buying an iMac and use a computer daily for something more than answering e-mail, do yourself a huge favor . . . bring your right hand up about 10″ from your right ear. Now take that right hand and swiftly move it left until it impacts your right check. Repeat 4-5 times or until the urge to drink the Koolaid by buying a mac subsides.

It is still true that a comparable PC is less expensive. It is also true that you’ll have to deal with buying the right software to get the PC to do what you want, but guess what, with the iMac I’m already in for a few software titles just to do what I was told it would do natively. DAMN those black turtlenecks are good. They certainly outsmarted me.

Macs suck. Royally. I am full of self loathing everytime I see this stupic iMac. Anyone want to buy an iMac for Christmas – I’ll make you a deal. . . .

When you buy something because it is supposed to “just work” it is mighty disappointing that it doesn’t work. About that service plan . . . I have to surrender my machine for 10 business days to get it fixed. Are you f-ing kidding??!?

Image courtesy of Basti Hirsch