Learning a new skill: instant chess

Instant chess is an online playing format that allows all sorts of player interaction and information. It’s almost stalker-like really. Given my complete newness to chess I am staying well undercover. None of the masters would trifle with a novice such as myself. Thank you, I’ll keep it that way for a while.

Each year I endeavor to learn a new skill. Some years back I chose chess. But there was one problem: it is unbelievably tedious to learn about chess through most of the books available in the marketplace. So, I quickly cast that ambition aside to pursue graduate school. Now some 6 years later I find myself still wanting to learn chess. I want to learn Latin too, but one step at a time.

On a personal note, my need to play chess may be tied to the dwindling clock of my uncle. He sat me down more than 20 years ago one disgustingly hot August afternoon in Texas in an unairconditioned house to teach me chess. I wanted nothing more than to play in the pool. We didn’t last 20 minutes with the lesson. We did moderately better with Latin some years later, but only moderately. I don’t entirely regret my propencity to frolic in the water . . . if only he had tried to teach me chess in December.

I’m hoping to reconnect with him over chess now that I am back in Dallas. Who knows how far we’ll get this time…. It is afterall yet another disgustingly hot August day in Texas.

If you care to follow my progress with learning chess, come visit my INSTANT CHESS tumblelog. And feel free to drop a note. If you have wisdom about learning chess and the long road to mastery, do tell!