Environmental Cues that make you buy

In October, I have the opportunity to present ground-breaking research on the meaning and effect of the environmental cues that surround us. If that gets your blood pumping, sign up now: Kevin Hogan’s Body Language Mastery Course. It is a weekend packed with body language and non verbal cues that will blow your mind. You’ll never look at Serena Williams the same way again….

Things you can think about right now:

Ever been to Vegas?

Have you noticed that the Venetian smells like . . . the Venetian . . . and no place else smells quite like it? That is not an accident.

How about those prision uniforms – do they use orange so the inmates stand out, or is there something else going on?


What about your grocery store? Is the layout the same or different from the other grocery stores you have seen?

The cues above are most certainly intentional and I’ll be discussing what they mean for you as a consumer and for you as a business owner/salesperson in my talk, Forget to Resist Me.

What are your favorite cues? Or is there anything you’ve thought MUST be intentional, but you haven’t quite figured out what the objective is? Post them here and I will answer your best questions,


Special thanks for the photo of the fruit stand.

10 thoughts on “Environmental Cues that make you buy”

  1. I smell things. Nothing like the subtle scent to get me noticing something. Also, closely related I have some kind of synisthesia going on with visual and taste sensations combining.

    On the other hand I will often find certain types of noise really irritating and have to leave a store asap. Can’t hang around that for longer than a few seconds. Usually I shop with headphones on (or I wouldn’t get much done!!)

    Keri Eagan

  2. Rob, yeah, those “thunderstorms” are great! I’m all for it until I get over misted. 🙂

    The baked bread . . . yes, we’ll be talking about that a lot more. You’re being worked at so many levels. Even children who have never had bread baked in the home – so kids who have never actually smelled freshly baked bread – respond to the baked bread smell in the grocery store.


  3. Hmmmmm I don’t remember the Venetian having a particular smell. I’ll have to take notice next time I’m there.

    Lisa McLellan

  4. Fascinating stuff – most of which we don’t even know is influencing us most of the time we’re awake.

    I love the smell of fresh bread in a supermarket – even when they don’t have an in-store bakery!
    I know I’m being ‘manipulated’, but it’s still hard to resist…!

  5. I like how the grocery stores play thunderstorm sounds when the fruit and vegetable misters come on.

    And I am sure that the Bod Mastery Weekend with Kevin Hogan will be awesome…

    Seize the Day,

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