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I get the darnedest things by email. Today I received an email offering MBA-oriented positions within the Education sector. This is a real group with real reach so if you are interested in impacting public education, you may want to chat with Chaka Booker. The focus of the Broad Residency is to place those with business knowledge and experience in influential roles within the education industry. If you think about it, some of our largest school districts have budgets comparable to Fortune 500 companies. And who is running them? What follows are excerpts from her email.

The Broad Residency in Urban Education is focused on improving public education in the U.S. by placing business professionals into high-impact management positions in the education industry.  Many of the Topparticipants come from top graduate schools (UCLA, UNC, Darden, etc).  Although still focused on placing business professionals into districts and charter organizations, we recently started also placing into federal and state departments of education.

The Broad Residency in Urban Education is a leadership development program that immediately puts participants in full-time paid managerial positions at the top levels of school districts, charter management organizations (CMOs), and federal/state departments of education across the nation.  Broad Residents assume highly visible roles reporting to superintendents, COOs or top cabinet members and earn starting salaries of $85,000 to $95,000 with full benefits.

They lead major projects that require superb analytical skills and the ability to manage projects and teams.  Working within the system, participants are well-positioned to lead the transformation required to ensure that every American child receives a world-class education.  A sampling of Broad Residents’ accomplishments include:

  • Designed principal vacancy forecasting model in Chicago which predicted vacancies with 97% accuracy
  • Reduced district deficit by $3.2 million by increasing operational efficiencies
  • Developed online system that doubled applications to Pittsburgh’s magnet schools

Send Chaka Booker a note if you are interested: cb (at) broadcenter (dot) org

Image courtesy of Les Roches International