Date with Kate

By popular request (who knew!), the Weekly Date with Kate has gone live. Instead of simply receiving a bit of Kate in your inbox on Tuesdays, now you can get into the conversation live!

Contest winners are responsible for their own travel arrangements or my travel arrangements. Winners are chosen and announced the first newsletter of the month. To be considered for the Date with Kate, Live! Please send an email to the following address: date (at) katemckeon (dot) com. Your e-mail address will only be used to contact you in the event that you have won.

In the e-mail, please state whether you will come to Dallas, Texas or you’d like to bring a little Texas to you – that would be me. Certain restrictions apply – mostly anti-cold-weather constraints – void where prohibited and not available in all areas.

How do you win?

Each month I take the emails submitted at the address above, use the random number generator in Excel and pop, we have a winner. If you want to win for the month of February, send an email in January. One person, one vote per month.

Is it possible to win more than once?

Yes. However in an effort to be fair and or to maximize travel opportunities, priority will be given to first time winners.

Is it possible to game the system?

Who am I kidding. Of course it is. I am most easily bribed with interesting travel, Champagne and good conversation. Chocolates and Athletic events also appreciated.

April 2010: Michele

March 2010: Sid Desai

Sid, Nebraska fan living in Texas....

February 2010: Laurel Lichty

with Laurel

January 2010: Inaugural Winner, David Leslie