Date with Kate Update

Okay, so the Date with Kate gig started as a silly response to a former student and favorite reader (see January winner), but has proven a small hit among you. In March, there were 4 DwK dates with readers. I am honored and flattered that you are willing to schlep to Dallas or schlep me to Alanta, DC, Miami, Houston….

You are awesome!

So, belatedly I am announcing the March Date with Kate winner. I’ll be announcing April’s winner tomorrow. If you are up for a May win, put your name in the basket (better known as the excel spreadsheet) and we’ll give it a whirl. Send entries to date (at) katemckeon (dot) com.

On a budget but still want to participate in the fun?

I will be in Atlanta almost every Sunday for the next 10 weeks and New York from the end of May through mid-to-late June pending my sisters’ graduation – woo-hoo! – and finding a proper dog-friendly apartment in the city. If you’re in either city or expect to swing through Dallas for business perhaps the excel random number generator can tilt things in your favor.I can typically be bought off with cupcakes and promises of sunshine.

March 2010: Sid Desai

Sid, Nebraska fan living in Texas....

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