Failure of Education System – Delusional Students

A rant about the failure of of educational system. Are our best and brightest simply delusional? A suitor, Jay*, recently approached me about taking the GMAT. He knows that I teach for ManhattanGMAT (a super fantastic group!) and he was prepping to take the test on his own. I shared some general words of advice …

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RenoirIf you haven’t had the chance to read George Leonard’s Mastery, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. I happened upon the book at the same time I picked up Blueprint to a Billion this summer and really couldn’t have found a better companion book.

You may forget that this book was written 15 years ago when you see the title for Chapter 3: America’s War Against Mastery. Could that be any more true today? Who among us is encouraged to simply stay on the path to mastery which can include long plateaus of no seeming progress?

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