high level summary of 8 week keto learnings

Here’s my high level summary: Carbs are a cheap solution for getting someone out of total starvation mode, but so is alcohol. So I’d argue, they are not meant for living and thriving. Alcohol is a fuel source and can be used calorically. I’m not calling it nutritious. It is easily transported. A bottle of …

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BB2019 Day 4

Quick concepts for getting into and staying in ketosis: Avoid sugars – natural or refined. Avoid Starches. Avoid Veggie oils. Measure your ketones! Eat enough fat to fell FULL. Eat only when you are hungry. Day 4 – Basic tips to remember for Keto

Can You Afford That?

Not living la vida loca yet? You’re making good money, but it seems to go out the door faster than you can say import beer please? Here’s the real scoop on why you seem to be stuck in economic neutral. Taxes are a big factor, and they impact more than just your take home pay.

Learn why small businesses may not be hiring locally and what your boss really expects from you.

Career Development 2015

This course includes the essential elements of what my business school application candidates walk through on the way to writing killer applications – a blend of practical advising, passion building, and tactical implementation. I think it makes for stronger candidates and the MBA programs seem to agree**!

Excited about building a career you’re passionate about?

V&V: Aaron Cohn of Laundry Puppy

This installment of V&V covers Aaron Cohn of Laundry Puppy. He recently sold to FlyCleaner and we caught up around Thanksgiving for a debrief. Down-to-earth and super personable, Aaron is still helping Laundry Puppy clients through FlyCleaner and helping FlyCleaner maximize their investment in him. Acquisition for Talent. Big Learn: You really can do just …

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What is Talent

The most obvious expression of talent is that which is shown externally. A fast athlete,the top of the class, MacArthur grants . . . some talent is innate, the rest is cultivated. Can we do better cultivating the good stuff? That might depend – what is our definition of the good stuff? We fixate on …

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More Math Education, Less Self Esteem Training

  Finances. If you’ve ever struggled with your tax return, wondered how interest rates could stay so low, or tried to explain why raising taxes on employers is actually not conducive to job creation…. We need solid math education now more than ever. We are no longer an agrarian nation yet we teach math like …

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August 2010 – Meeting Mom

This month’s Date with Kate was in New Orleans with Chris Ochs, a reader and friend from Denver, CO. Knowing my weakness for football and really, sporting events in general, Chris offered a trip to the Big Easy to watch the Saints take on the Chargers (San Diego for those not in the know). Turns …

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Laffer’s Laughing

Arthur Laffer recently offered his thoughts on the Unemployment Benefits in the Wall Street Journal opinion pages…. What kept coming to mind is, how are we even having this conversation? And by conversation I mean, how can we look at the empirical evidence concerning unemployment benefits and still somehow draw the conclusion that extending them …

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Happy 4th of July!

The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. There is no better birthday than to celebrate the continued life of what was conceived as a great experiment 234 years ago. We’ve come a long way in 234 years…. A quick refresher of the opening preamble of the Constitution of the United States: We the people …

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I can’t even make this up . . . Students in France are protesting again. A few years ago they protested AGAINST lowering the bar for employers to be able to hire students. Employers wanted to be able to pay less experienced people a lower rate. The minimum benefits an employer has to set aside …

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