Can you win in Teal?

So it is official. The Philly Flyers will play the Chicago Blackhawks for the Stanley Cup. Montreal, the third “Original ChampionsSix” in the conference finals was axed by the Flyers tonight.


Montreal has a losing streak a mile long (last won the cup in 1986, quarter century itch?). . . but guess who’s streak is deeper….

San Jose Sharks

The Blackhawks ended the Stanley Cup dreams for the Sharks and I hate (not really – I mean, it IS the Sharks) to say it, but I told you so. If you saw the Sports Stat of the Week articles in August and September, you may remember that the Sharks have a penchant for penalty minutes, but no guts in the playoffs. So despite post season runs, the Sharks haven’t grabbed the Cup. Something has to give in San Jose if they want to see some Cup love.

Notice this photo . . . with 4 goons in the penalty box . . . that’s my blackberry camera capturing what San Jose does best: hooking, tripping, and other hockey shenanigans. That’s also however, Tony, with a rolled up program about to smack the side of the box. Good times, good times. We missed Tony this year.

Could it be that San Jose out-muscles the competition all year long but then runs out of steam? They regularly dominate the league, but they’re missing the finesse (?) to win the ultimate prize.How do you go from a 50+ win season, multiple seasons, and NOT get it done in the playoffs?

Perhaps they don’t want to win the prize. It is after all a California-based team. They do things differently out there. Fruits and nuts and all….

I’ll leave that for the sports writers to discuss amongst themselves, because who really cares? This team just can’t get it done. Maybe it really is the Teal jerseys.

Unless you can maximize profits by “almost” winning the Cup, why not just dig in and get it done.

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