Meal Plan

No idea where to start, start here:

Do you like cheese? Why not replace the bread in your life with more cheese. I like tortillas. I like cheese. Can I make a cheese tortilla? I can! and I did!! Lazy edition – shredded cheese only. Slightly more civilized – shredded cheese + cream cheese + almond/coconut flour.

Here’s the super lazy edition: Kate’s Keto Buns

Here’s the slightly more civilized but still rather lazy (aka efficient) edition: Kate’s Hot Buns  and the Cookening.

You know you want to watch that.

Family Focused

Here’s a pizza dough recipe to keep the clan happy (Fat Head is my FAV!):

Practical Low Carb Mom, Feeding a family:
Nutrient Dense family foods:


Lava Cake:

The main recipe playlist on youtube