Leveraging Big Brother Alliances, chapter overview by Kate McKeon

One of the surest ways to grow massively is to "partner" with a big brother. Now much like your actual bigger brother, this is not a seamless, painless alliance. Spock deathgrip anyone….

The concept is perhaps blindingly obvious, execution is naturally, NOT. What Thomson so clearly shares is the need to do so. There is a distinct lack of "how do you do this, really," information. So, here’s what you really need to know:

1. While your Big Brother doesn’t really want you around, he recognizes the need for you (as a small co.)
2. Your Big Brother may become your Marquee Customer and will almost certainly be introducing you to Marquee Customers.
3. You get access to resources you couldn’t possibly reach otherwise. For example a Cover Girl Photo Shoot – you get access to photos with the Cover Girls and the photographers, etc. even though you are a small brand being brought into the Cover Girl portfolio of products. Independent of Cover Girl Ms. Lima, et. al wouldn’t give you the time of day. 
4. These relationships are more difficult to manage than expected. BOTH parties need to be incented fully, not just financially. The Big Brother needs a compelling reason to grow your business.

The incentive of a Big Brother is VITAL to your success and even survival. If the Big Bro doesn’t have a compelling reason to grow YOUR business, he may essentially steal it right out from under you. It really is necessary for the Big Bro to need YOUR success either because you have a capability not easily relicated or for some other reason.

Remember: outrageous profits bring ruinous competition.