Blueprint to a Billion, a review by Kate McKeon

Book reviews by Kate McKeon

David Thompson provides research and a boiled down plan of how to reach a billion dollars in revenues annually. The plan is based on the successful execution of over 7000 companies that have 1. gone public since 1980 and 2. reached over a billion dollars in annual revenue. This is not a book on reaching a $1 Billion dollar valuation.

In short, a growing company needs the “7 essentials.”

1. Create and Sustain break through value proposition

2. Exploit a high growth market segment

3. Marquee customers

4. Leverage Big Brother Alliances

5. Master exponential returns

6. Inside-Outside Leadership

7. The Board: Fill with essentials experts

What is perhaps most interesting is that there are 3 major trajectories that companies on the Billion dollar path follow: 4 yr, 6yr and 12 yr. I was delightfully surprised to see that it was not technology firms dominating the billion dollar march. What economic sector hots the billion dollar revenue mark with the most frequency….


Consumer discretionary won by a safe margin of almost 50% more frequency than the next category: Information Technology. What is even more interesting is that Consumer Staples is only 1/7th the frequency as Consumer Discretionary. So perhaps we non-techy folks have a fighting chance too. It certainly gave me pause. Now you know, what are you going to do?

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