BB2019 – Week 8 – Wed – Blood

Things to know about booze, there is no storage compartment in your body for booze. No, not even your “stored potential” (aka fat cells) can store booze. When you consume it, you must use it as a fuel before anything else happens.

So how does this impact our blood glucose? If you have potential challenges with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes or your family has a history of the “type 3 diabetes” issues: Dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, you should be interested in your blood glucose level.

All of which should be getting measured annually by your primary care. Are you stuck with ACA? No primary care? Yeah, me too. Get the blood work done out of pocket if you have reason for concern – can help you find a local lab and let’s you prepay for the workup.
recently published meta-analysis of intervention studies in humans which concluded there was no effect of alcohol consumption (10–70 kg/day) on the glucose concentration in nondiabetic individuals [22], which corroborated findings from several earlier large prospective, cross sectional population studies [23,24]

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