BB2019 – Week 6 – Wed – Boozing

Clarifications on Booze, because it’s the most frequent friction point. Kate, can I have wine on Keto? Or, “I can’t do this right now because I like (need) my wine.” (Surprisingly common refrain)

To be fair, I wouldn’t be running this experiment if you couldn’t. Seriously. I know my people. Y’all drink. #BoozeHounds So …

1. Yes. Can you have wine/tequila/scotchy-scotch, etc. Yes. You may.

2. Technically you can do whatever you want on this intervention. The point is to attempt to stay in ketosis. You may be able to handle more carbs than your spouse. Since it’s soooo easy to measure, why not do that. 🙂 Measure. Maybe you can handle two beers. That’s a lotta carb, but some folks can stay in ketosis with that carb level. Others of you fall out of ketosis by looking at picture of rice online.

To thine own self be true.

**To anyone judging "my people" . . . go live your own life. **

Alcohol choices that fit keto: Champagne! (obv), Dry Wines, Liquor no mixer

While there are some lower carb beers, do any of them taste good? I was in the Athlete community when low carb beers surfaced (early 2000s). These replaced the Bud Dry era of what I called, “Beer?” Why ask why, try bud dry. Remember that? Catchy slogan, horrendous beer. The equivalent of a Rice Cake in beer form.

Why ask why, DIE Bud Dry.

And it did. So if you are a serious Beer person, the best advice I can offer is to test what works for you within the nutritional ketosis parameters. But give yourself a few weeks of really solid (as in daily) “Yes” on the keto measure before you taunt yourself with Beer. Then have 2-3 one night and measure your keto the next morning. Still in? Cool, you found something that works (at least in moderation). Out? Bummer. Get back into steady ketosis (week or two) then test with a single beer.

Or just expect that each time you have beer you’ll be out of ketosis for a few days.

All depends on your aim for being and staying in nutritional ketosis. Want to talk about it? Use the link in the nightly email to book time on my calendar. I’ll be happy to help you navigate the process privately (non-medical advice). No judgment, just practical considerations.

Just so you know, Guinness and most stouts will set you back about 14g of carbohydrate. Not many of those work well if you’re restricting carbs. It always comes back to choices and aren’t we glad we still have the right to choose our booze?

Thanks to DietDoctor for the images.

Drinking (responsibly) is an adult choice. Many of us socialize frequently in the presence of alcohol. When you’re trying a new lifestyle such as keto or low carb, the angst that comes from thinking you have to give up social interaction can be the driving excuse to not make the switch. I keep hammering the open alcohol policy so you make the switch to nutritional ketosis. It could be positively life changing. It’s at least worth the experiment!

Yes, you can drink on Keto and low carb, high fat diets.