BB2019 – Week 6 – Tue – When You Eat

So most of what we’ve covered so far concerns the WHAT you eat. There’s also a strong body of evidence (evolving) that indicates when you eat can play an important role in brain health.

Dr Rhonda Patrick in a short clip –

Time feeding windows have been all the rage for a few years – see the Fasting page for more – but this is really more about your circadian rhythm. Two-three hours prior to your normal sleep window, for our purposes let’s say 8p, you body starts producing melatonin. If you finish your meal, particularly an insulinogenic meal after your body has started producing melatonin, your body may not be able to clear the glucose from your blood because you have melatonin basically blocking insulin production. As far as your body is concerned, you are preparing for bed. So it is preparing you for bed.

Our hormones are more like parents. They know what you need, when you need it and keep that train going even when you resist.

Which is incredible. What amazing beasts we are!

So today’s task is to consider your evening protocol. Are you eating after dark? Are you eating within 3 hours of your normal bedtime? Remember, melatonin isn’t waiting for you to finish the meal. It starts production when it starts.

Need a suggestion? Finish your meals – all of the meal – by 8p or 9p if you usually go to bed at midnight. Switch to water thereafter. Try it for 3 weeks. You’ll know if it’s working for you.