BB2019 – Week 6 – Monday – Keto Casual

Great Request for Keto fast food or more accessible grab and go from a Road Warrior on the journey.

My favorite options personally:

  • Chipotle – taco bowl no rice, no beans, but plenty of guac. and cheese.
  • Any taco stand – grab your fav. 1-2 tortillas probably won’t knock you out of ketosis, but you can also be “that guy” by eating the innards of the taco with a fork. Fancy you. #OhhhLaLa
  • BURGER – Meat, meat+cheese, meat+guac, meat+cheese+guac, skip the bun they’re usually crap bread anyway.
  • Breakfast places / Diner – eggs and bacon, skip the toast. Also . . . skip the ketchup. Loads of sugar in most popular condiments.
  • Corner Store – This is a toughie. But oftentimes (now) you can find hard boiled eggs in the fridge section. Eggs + a salumi/cheese plate (modern lunchables).
  • For Drive thru options see this video:

See the rest of the eating playlist here.

If you’re on the road and it’s really bad, consider fasting. You don’t owe any of the crap food dens your dollars. Keep them for the good stuff. Enjoy my hungry ppl!