BB2019 – Week 6 – Fri – Vacation Time

Getting out of town for some R&R? Excellent!

Here’s how to stay keto if you choose to.

  1. Bring some salt with you – packets or a small jar. It’s not uncommon to find yourself surrounded by terrible food choices. Rather than succumb to garbage, have a glass of salty water to tide you over.
  2. Consider fasting until you reach your destination (where I’m guessing your options will improve). This has the benefit of being super simple – don’t eat – with the bonus of helping you get on track for meal and sleep times at your destination. If you’ve decided to not eat, you can skip looking at the seat back menu, you can get some shuteye before the door is even closed.
  3. Nuts! Pecans, Almonds, Pili, Macadamia. Keep some nuts around you and no I don’t mean family. (ha.)
  4. Hard Boiled eggs . . . these are really for the trip one way (if you’re making them) or to pick up once you arrive. HBEs are relatively easy to find in corner markets.
  5. Cheese Crisps. 100% cheese. Mooncheese and Just the Cheese are two brands you can get your hands on ahead of time. Mooncheese is also (often) carried at Starbucks.
  6. Coffee/Tea. Some folks swear it helps keep hunger at bay. Others have the opposite response. Test this on yourself before you travel. Do 1-2 cups of coffee make you hungry or do you feel satisfied for hours afterward? Test with and without heavy cream as you may not have access to real cream when you are on the road and the creamer mix many places use is not a great choice.
  7. Eating out without suffering? Sure, say no to bread, ask for double veggies, have salad after your meal rather than before, add butter to your main dish – melt over that steak or broccoli, add a cheese plate, and drink mostly water.
  8. Want to immerse yourself in the local dining scene? This will be harder. If you really want to immerse yourself, recognizing that you’ll be shifting off keto gives you a choice. Immerse yourself in the scene every night, but fast each day – you may drop out of ketosis, but it will be easier to get back in when you are ready. Or just press pause on your keto journey.
  9. When getting all adult juice box crazy, stick to Champagne, dry wines or straight spirits. Margarita? Try a sipping tequila instead or ask for the tequila with straight lime juice. You probably won’t be knocking back as many so . . . cheap date!

Other ideas or things you’ve done that were helpful? Let me know!