BB2019 – Week 5 – Tuesday

More on Fasting. If you missed the series on Fasting, start here: Fasting

So here’s a summary so far of what fasting does for the elite athlete, or even the regular person.

1. Train harder – Increased adrenalin, increased VO2

2. Recover faster and build muscle faster – Increased growth hormone.

3. Burn fat – increased fatty acid oxidation.

4. Insulin goes down. This we will consider in more detail later.

This is all available to every person in the entire world, free of charge.  Not only do you NOT have to buy expensive supplements. You will save money because you don’t need to buy food. You will save time because you don’t need to cook or clean up.

Dr Jason Fung

Dr Fung’s company IMD has a 27-part series on Intermittent Fasting with decently deep dives on the physiology without being too technical. A few of his videos are in the BrainBoost Playlist on YT and the Fasting playlist on YT – both linked in column on the left. (easier to keep them fresh there rather than chase them through all the posts.)