BB2019 – Week 5 – Thu – Aging

Today’s concept is internal aging. See the posts on skin and collagen for the external aging conversation.

Your body is a wondrous thing. It can facilitate millions of interactions without you being aware of a single one. Most of the time it does so brilliantly. It’s like a good parent. Always watching out for you, trying to keep you from too much harm, etc. And just like a real human parent, in time the seemingly constant wear will lead to deterioration of the asset.

Check out this conversation on the details of how we wear ourselves down and what you may want to do instead. This talk centers on Hormones and arthritis.

Anecdotally, I did a 7 day fast (water+salt only) at the beginning of the year – because why not – by day 2 I realized my hands were less achey. I had noticed sometime over the past 2 years that my fingers would get achey. Not a problem and not constant, but foreboding. Day 4 the achey was back with a vengeance and then I guess day 5/6 the problem was gone. When something like that goes it’s hard to notice. But the killer part . . . it’s now almost 90 days later and I haven’t had any achey trouble with my digits. Huh. Who knew.

Before we get carried away with how I flushed out inflammation and fasting is the miracle cure . . . I share that anecdote because you may want to try a similar experiment. Remember, it is an experiment. But if you do have regular discomfort or you notice that your hands are starting to appear curled – as though you are typing when you are not – I can personally recommend a fast. It won’t be the most fun you’ve ever had, but the results might pay off in multiples.