BB2019 – Week 3 – Friday

Weekends are tough when you’re the only one on keto in the house. Two choices:

  1. Along the lines of if mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy, get the whole family onboard.
  2. Find some family friendly recipes that keep the whole clan happy.

For point 1 – strong recommend, hey, you pull the punches. Make your declaration. You’ll have push back, but you be the BIC. Kids will adjust – expect early crankiness, spouse will also likely adjust. This is the best “diet” intervention I’ve ever seen (to be fair, I haven’t been looking for one…). Whipped cream, fatty steaks, alcohol allowed. What’s not to love?!

For point 2 – recipe page here: Kate’s Keto Magic¬†and personal favorites such as pizza and chocolate truffles here. You’re welcome.