BB2019 Week 2 – Wednesday – why check ketones

Many of your life choices are only measurable long after you’ve had to commit to months of effort. The Brain Boost challenge gives you realtime feedback. The stick turns pink or it doesn’t. And that data is based on how your body has been operating over the past 8-12 hours. If / When you switch to testing blood ketones your feedback will be even more on point.

You’re a little over 1-week in on the challenge. Some reminders:

  1. You’ve taken the Logic challenge or received a reminder from Kate today. It really helps to get the before picture. If it’s taking you more than 30 minutes to complete, you are trying too hard. Do your best. Jam thru. Don’t overthink it.
  2. You are responding to the nightly survey (9p est every night). It takes under 15s and we need all the data points we can get. Should you respond even if not in ketosis, YES. This is an experiment. We need the negative points as well as the positive. They are both valid. We need to capture how you’re doing on a day to day basis. Again, don’t over think this. You get an email with a 1-10 scale every night, click the number and the survey will auto-populate.
  3. No guessing on being in ketosis. Following a ketogenic diet does not guarantee nutritional ketosis. Just as – and this really seems to throw folks for a loop – eating carbs does not guarantee that you are out of ketosis. You have to measure it to know for sure. If you haven’t already, get thee some pee sticks – any drug store will have them or of course the giant that is amazon.

Why we’re doing this:

Super People!

What would you do if your brain could move faster, your brain cells could fire faster? What would you try? What would read? What would you do?

Just as reading doesn’t start with your eyeballs, running doesn’t start in your legs. They both start in your brain. Nutritional ketosis increases energy into the brain and helps you build more mitochondria which bumps up the brain’s native energy production. More energy in, more produced in and boom we have a beneficial cycle. More, more, more in the best way!

What will you do with your super powers?

Check out these brain scans with an incredible before/after on Nancy.

Following calorie restriction or consumption of a ketogenic diet, there is notable improvement in mitochondrial function, a decrease in the expression of apoptotic and inflammatory mediators and an increase in the activity of neurotrophic factors. Pub Med Study