BB2019 Week 2 – Thursday, eating out

What does eating out on keto actually mean? Is it possible? Do I just take the buns off or ignore the bread basket? (Simple, yes, yes, and yes)

Stick to Mains.

In the early days especially, stick to the main dishes: Fish, Meat, Fowl. First they’re likely to be filling so you will hit your satiety point (when you feel full). Second, you can avoid the temptation of appetizers and sides that are far more likely to be breaded or starched up. And third if you avoid the starchy, carby small dishes you will actually be less tempted to eat any of the starchy stuff that ends up on your Entree plate (if they won’t swap for you). A starchy hit opens that floodgate. Good conversation and wine open keep it open!

I’m not saying skip the conversation or wine. Skip the starchy gate opener.

Simple but maybe not easy. You really want to avoid the sugars and starches that are cheap to add to meals. So for starters – or until you are regularly producing ketones (and measuring them!) – avoid the big ones: rice, pasta, bread, potato, wheat, oat, rye, quinoa, spelt, sweet potato, etc. Sides are a bit regional. The other reason to skip sides, your main dish often has sugar added through the sauce. You can handle a little bit without getting knocked out of ketosis, but not that and a starch load.

Panko coated chicken? Axe it.

Sushi and Sake? Sashimi is great, but skip the rice. Sake, while heavier carb load than wine, might work for you. You can measure your reaction (sticks or pricks!)

Lasagna made with funky noodles attempting to be paleo/keto/all things to all people?? sigh. I am a lover of the lasagna. So I have tested plenty of varieties. 1. The proper Italian restaurant with a real bolognese, my ketones dropped, but did not kick me out of ketosis (blood measure 3.6 down to 1.2). 2. The faux noodle lasagna – all things to all people. I felt horrible the next day and my ketones dropped even further (down to .7). Did not drop me out of ketosis (anything over .5 is solid nutritional ketosis), but really wrecked my head. Wine consumption kept constant 🙂 and finally 3. my homemade cauliflower layers instead of noodles. No change in ketone level. So if I’m out and there’s a faux dish versus the real deal, I’ll stick with the real deal. Turns out the carb load for the real lasagna was 39 Carbs and the Faux noodle Lasagna was 42!! Bastards.

Don’t let folks rope you in with Net carbs versus total Carbs. Until you’re testing by blood, when you can discern in the moment yourself, treat all carbs as carbs. (Net carbs = Total Carbs – Fiber) That faux lasgie was 28 net carbs, but more actual carbs than the more delicious and less painful real deal.

You have the power to test.

Chefs catering to Keto largely seem to be stuck thinking about Paleo which many have interpreted as high protein low fat. The paleo food world is full of not real foods and plates of tears (aka chicken breast no sauce + steam veg). Keto advertised items are doing the same thing, so just remember this: Eat real food, avoid starches, eat far more FAT than you’re probably comfortable doing and enjoy your meal.

Get knocked out of ketosis? No sweat. Get back in by skipping a meal or two. Let that glucose clear your system.

On the road and need something quick? KetoConnect did a breakdown of fast food options on the super cheap.

Maybe you have 5 minutes? As long as you’re not stuck in temporary, corporate housing, you probably have these supplies on hand.