BB2019 – Wednesday – Cool Brain things

The WHY for Brain Boost 2019:

Hypothesis: Ketogenic diet for 6+ weeks will demonstrate cognitive performance gains on Logical IQ assessment.

I figured it would take my motley crue of friends and family 1-2 weeks to get themselves organized, get pee sticks or blood ketone monitors, get the pantry cleared, figure out a few go-to meals and get their heads wrapped around the process. That’s been about true. It’s also true that a few (ahem, Michael!) have decided to try to game the damn assessment. HOLY Bleep People. Just take the before. No one will see either score. We’ll get the difference between point 1 and point 2, that’s it. You don’t need to know what you’re doing. Follow instructions on the assessment and all is well.

Gah. #Compliance

We’re now at that point where the basic how-to-do should be in working condition (hey, don’t sweat optimal, go for “working”). This is basically the last day to submit the “BEFORE” assessment so we can start tracking the 6 weeks of data validly. 

Upon seeing this slide in Dr. Stephen Cunnane’s talk: Brain Glucose and Ketone Metabolism , I wondered if energy increase would be at least positively correlated with some form of cognitive performance increase.

This talk gets very scientific for the lay person. You (mad) scientists will glide along. The reason I keep calling glucose the thirsty b*tch of the brain fuel world is derived from this talk. Leave a comment if you agree or really leave a comment if you disagree.

At min 7:20 he gets into the difference between main fuel versus preferred fuel. Based on the way he discusses the mechanisms, it seems that his choice of push and pull are reversed, but I’m in no position to argue with him. Let me know if you think I’m off base.

And I updated the Meal Plan page. Included are such soon to be classics as Kate’s Hot Buns and Kate’s Keto buns. How can you reasonably say no?!?!

You can not. Go there now: