bb2019 – Tuesday – Lady Bits

The impact of nutritional ketosis** includes some hormonal changes. These impact both men and women, but women have a few more things going on so today is dedicated to the lady bits. Gents, you probably have ladies in your life so it’s still worth knowing (that should be obvious, yes?).

**Again, you can only claim nutritional ketosis by actually measuring through the sticks or pricks.

Your cycle may need time to adjust. The more trouble you have getting into nutritional ketosis the bigger the adjustment you may want to plan to expect. If you’re having trouble and you want to chat about it, book time with me! Each daily email has a link to my actual calendar. OR hit reply to the email with your situation.

Dr. Boz gets into period changes, changes in sex drive (usually more) and touches on changes for men hormonally. Hormones are complicated, but this may help get things in perspective.

Dr O’Dowd gets into the background of PCOS and why you may want to think of it as another sign of insulin resistance than simply it’s own disease profile. Fix the insulin resistance (and you’ll know you’re on the right path when you consistently make ketones!) and you can reverse the PCOS.

So ketone production is – in my opinion – the most important part of this endeavor. Getting the brain to operate on ketones is mega powerful. But the rest of your body will thank you even more. Imagine every morning being a standing O. Your body loves you.

AND just demonstrating success with producing ketones, particularly consistently, means you are tackling any insulin resistance you may have.


Ketones themselves both 1. help brain and body repair and 2. demonstrate that you are reversing the negative impact of insulin resistance, you’re bringing insulin sensitivity back. And that’s sexy.

Insulin resistance leads to PCOS, Alzheimer’s, Cardiovascular disease, cancer, gout and a whole host of conditions we’ve been treating separately. How does that make sense?

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Oh, yeah, so have you seen the recent massive onslaught of articles about keto and lady bits? Seems like a lot of articles all dropped in one week . . . hmm.

Here’s a real doctor’s thoughts on what’s going on and when you should be concerned.