BB2019 – Thursday – Eat, ppl!

Eat, people!

– or –

Eat people!

Details matter.

Today is a simple reminder that you need to eat. How and when may be subject of current debate, but eat you must. So here are some basic ideas for eating and a video playlist of recipes.

Video Playlists: Brain Boost Recipes or the budding Kate’s Keto Buns playlist. Get yours.

Reading Material and additional recipes:

Kate’s Keto Buns – Making great buns

Step 1: ingredients – Shredded cheese, 1/2 as much almond flour, a dab of cream cheese. Easy peasy.

Step 2: the mix and melt – Microwave for 15-22 seconds. Quick!


Step 3: cook it, using a grill like option of choice or pan fry, about 2 minutes.


Step 4: winning – beautiful is she not?! And with crisped pepperonis. Mmmmmm.

Step 5: the great (lip) smackdown – no compromises here my friend.


I’m partial to a savory waffle so I added heaps of garlic powder. I’ve tested with both adding to batch and adding after batch. Both are wins.

Additional suggestions – cinnamon! Real cinn adds a sweetness. So even though the batch is mostly cheese, you may not realize that as you enjoy. Surprise the fam with waffles and cream. No sweeteners needed.

Weekend plans made.