BB2019 Day 5 – Physical Performance

Our first Friday together but rather than the planned convo on Booze (and assorted brain fuels), which we’ll cover on Sunday, let’s talk power, strength and endurance.

Lots of questions about athletic performance. Here’s a high level, short video with two research scientists. (5min) You’ll see more from each of them in the playlist.

But also, How about Athletic Performance? This one sums it up nicely. (8min)

And a bit more detail on Physical Performance with the info from the actual studies the above videos cite. Even more importantly if you’re interested in POWER, look at the use of muscle glycogen slide. Keto athletes used just as much but were able to recapture and recirculate (my simplification) which means they don’t require the fuel on the go. No goo needed. (17min)


And when you want more specifically on Physical Performance, I added a Keto Athlete Playlist.


How did we get this so wrong for this long??

This may break your athletic heart a bit. Noakes on dietary/performance screw ups:

And Dom D’Agostino’s take on simple sugars for performance enhancement. Pay careful attention though. He definitely thinks glucose, fructose are performance enhancing but points to the extra boost a keto-adapted athlete gets relative to the carb-loader. This is for serious performance folks.