BB2019 Day 3

Well hello Wednesday.

As we iron out the final details for getting started I can report that I’ve not just booked an appointment with the blood lab, I prepaid my visit! That’s sure to lead to more compliance. I’ve been pushing that appointment back for weeks. Tonight is a night of fasting.

But Kate, do I need blood work?

Not necessarily. If you are regularly under the care of a primary physician (whom you trust), just do a quick look at your most recent blood work. Any issues? If not, you’re all go. If there were some flags on your blood work, call your doc to make sure dietary changes are okay. Also, AGAIN and FOR REAL, if you are on ANY MEDS or are taking supplements, you need to be even smarter about this. If you’re taking supps for fun, consider cutting them out or reducing them. If you need to take meds, you need to chat with the script writing doc about your lifestyle changes, aka keto. Medicine needs can drastically change when you’re influencing major systems.

Those of you with high cholesterol . . . eat it or make it. When it comes to the stuff that gunks up your arteries, you have probably heard to be concerned about your LDLs. Yes, but that’s only part of it. LDL particle size is what matters. ((insert size matters joke here)) The smaller the LDL particles, the more likely they are to cause problems. Large “fluffy” LDL particles should gently waft through your system without causing harm. There are a few videos on the main playlist that get into the details far more cogently if that is a concern of yours. There’s a slightly fancier blood test that can measure your Lipid profile and give you the particle size. You have to ask for it.

You’ve taken the Assessment, right?

Today’s video is brought to you by the letter K and the 15 . . . which is how many software updates were required to do a very simple task today. Way to go week. Way to go.

More Initial Switch basics – are you eating enough? 

And from Dr. Boz


By now you should have the basics of what you need to get started on this Brain Boost Challenge.

  1. Decision on pricks or sticks (will you measure ketones with blood ketone level, aka pricks, or pee sticks).
  2. You have taken the assessment (15-20min). If you have not yet taken, for added challenge, no Calculator! Whatever you decide, make sure you remember calc v no calc for when you retake in 8 weeks. If you haven’t received the invite, nuts. Let me know.

Questions, comments, gripes, complaints? Hit me up by email or leave a comment here. Still looking for about 6 more participants. Send me your ppl.