Basic Economics – When your voters are challenged

Who would’ve thought Chicago would become a tax refuge? Since the voters approved a tax hike in Oregon, politicians around the US are sending delegations to the beleaguered state. Leading the charge with offers of enticement to business owners….

Richard Daley, Chicago Mayor.

Wait, seriously?

Here’s what’s spurred the increase in flights to Portland:

Oregon Chicago
Top income tax rate: 11% (from 9%) 3% (moving to 5%)
Corporate Income tax: 7.9% (from 6.6%) 4.8% (moving to 6.2%)
Fees on small business: Doubled Regular ridiculous

But let’s look at what really matters . . .
i heart texas
Top Income Tax rate –  ZERO
Corporate income tax – ZERO
Fees on small business: comparatively minimal

Which inspired me . . .

Dear Business Owners in Oregon,

As you plan for the pending move, no doubt you are concerned about the assimilation for your people in the new location. While you will be able to leave many of your current employees behind, some will make the trek with you. To that end, you need a location that serves both your business considerations and your employees’ needs. Despite the fact that our women wear make-up and our men cut their hair, you’ll find that Oregon and Texas aren’t so different.

You guys believe in independence; we believe in independence.


You guys like wide open spaces, we have plenty of those.

You guys like riding bikes. We like riding bikes.

(C) Roberto Bettini
(C) Roberto Bettini

You guys like college football (hey, those Beavers make a good stab for a Pac 10 team). We LOVE college ball . . .


You guys like Fish. We like land fish.

Land Fish
Land Fish

You have vegetarians, we have vegetables!

It’s a match made in heaven, or at least by your voters. So get your groove back. Dump the bums and move to Texas.


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  1. I’m sure it would be a lot easier to move from Oregon to anywhere else if the houses in Oregon would actually sell, and would sell at the price they were bought at, not up to %50 off…

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