August 2010 – Meeting Mom

This month’s Date with Kate was in New Orleans with Chris Ochs, a reader and friend from Denver, CO. Knowing my weakness for football and really, sporting events in general, Chris offered a trip to the Big Easy to watch the Saints take on the Chargers (San Diego for those not in the know).

Turns out Chris is a football stat machine and Drew Brees was the best gift the Chargers could give a beleaguered New Orleans in 2006. For those fans of my dear Texas, Drew was born in Dallas and threw for Westlake in Austin.

The Charger and Saints Drew Brees twins hit Bourbon Street post game
36-21 Saints victory

The fans of New Orleans were gracious hosts. By far, my best trip to New Orleans. The ladies were decked out in black and gold. And in true NO tradition, masks, feathers and shenanigans everywhere.

New Orleans downtown area looks as it did the last time I visited, August 2004 for Natalie’s wedding. It’s hard to believe the town was ravaged by Katrina 5 years ago. The Superdome looks just like it did when I last attended a Sugar Bowl . . . in 1999. (Come on Ags, let’s get on that!) Like, literally, same paint. Same pizza. But, I digress.

Mother’s is still packed. Yes, folks still line up – even in rain storms. I braved the humidity to enjoy the oyster poboy. Delicious. Worth getting soaked for the fried oysters and slaw. Mmmmmm. Did I mention delicious? Delicious.

Now, you may notice that I am wearing a Chargers jersey . . .

Chris is uber Charger fan so he brought 3. Or 4. I forget. One was almost my size so I grabbed it for the evening. Smallest jersey available, of course it is the kicker’s! So, I had the honor of wearing Mike Scifres jersey for the evening.

But that is not all, no that is not all . . .

Who do you expect to meet when wearing a player’s jersey?

How about his MOM.

Yeah, no kidding!

Mom and her two girlfriends had noticed the jersey from their seats and just had to come meet us so they grabbed me while unattended.

So I’m standing in front of the (offending) pizza joint in the stadium contemplating beer or no beer (beer) and two women walk up to me and ask me how I know Mike. I stare at them blankly having no idea why they are asking me about a Mike. In my defense, I do have a brother Mike, Uncle Mike and lots of Mike friends. However, given the context, um, duh.

“Mike Scifres,” they reply, followed with, “This is his Mom.” At this point I attempt to explain that I am wearing my friend Chris’ jersey and point at Chris buying a pretzel – frantically waving at him to get over here so he can sweet talk the lovely ladies.

Chris saves the day by rattling off all sorts of Scifres stats. Turns out Scifres grew up in New Orleans, played at Western Illinois, and just got married this summer. I stand there and hope my boots distract them from my lack of information about the man behind the jersey.

Gentlemen, this is a lesson for you. If your female friend is walking the stadium in a jersey, give her a fact sheet before she wanders off unattended. Please.

New Orleans, Date with Kate August 2010, good times had by all.

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