BB2019 Day 4

Quick concepts for getting into and staying in ketosis: Avoid sugars – natural or refined. Avoid Starches. Avoid Veggie oils. Measure your ketones! Eat enough fat to fell FULL. Eat only when you are hungry. Day 4 – Basic tips to remember for Keto

BB2019 Day 3

Well hello Wednesday. As we iron out the final details for getting started I can report that I’ve not just booked an appointment with the blood lab, I prepaid my visit! That’s sure to lead to more compliance. I’ve been pushing that appointment back for weeks. Tonight is a night of fasting. But Kate, do …

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BB2019 Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the Brain Boost Experiment By now you really should have received the link from the assessment folks inviting you to take the assessment. If you have not, please hit reply on Kate’s email so she can do a tiny freak out dance then get that to you. If you haven’t …

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