Leo Hindery is Wesley Mouch

Leo Hindery recently shared his thoughts on free markets and he has no interest in keeping markets free. He benefits from cloistered markets more than you do . . .

Success in Hockey

Success in Hockey depends on keeping the boys on the ice and out of the penalty box despite the excitement fisticuffs causes with the fans.

Tax Reform

So the concept of tax reform gets several of my family members hot and bothered . . . I’m not sure what that says about my family but I leave that for a therapist to sort out in 10 years when I have time for a visit. In the meantime, I propose the following: 1.

Failure of Education System – Delusional Students

A rant about the failure of of educational system. Are our best and brightest simply delusional? A suitor, Jay*, recently approached me about taking the GMAT. He knows that I teach for ManhattanGMAT (a super fantastic group!) and he was prepping to take the test on his own. I shared some general words of advice

Notable and Quotable – Income Mobility Study

A tidbit most pertinent to those who live and die by the mantra that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer…. From an interview with Thomas Sowell on his new book, “Economic Facts and Fallacies.” If we follow human beings instead of income brackets, perhaps we can find more meaningful information

Why I outsource? Because you are lazy.

First off, this may be a bit of a rant . . . You see, I am a bit frustrated. In late September I started a hiring process. I was attempting to hire 2 writers on a temporary to permanent basis. I took applications electronically; I gave skills tests, written and phone interviews. It was


So this conversion to Mac is not as smooth as I had hoped. Daily, I manage to crash the machine. Too bad it is the middle of my sales season and work grinds to a halt 6-8 times a day for 10+ minutes. I’ve easily added 2 hours of additional work daily just by trying

Not a master, but okay aim . . .

Say what you will about gun control, there is a certain amount of empowerment that comes from understanding how to use tools – in this case guns. I also think it’s useful to know how to drive a dozer, hang sheetrock overhead and mulch the yard, but then that’s what I grew up doing. Sane


If you haven’t had the chance to read George Leonard’s Mastery, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. I happened upon the book at the same time I picked up Blueprint to a Billion this summer and really couldn’t have found a better companion book. You may forget that this book was written

Macs are craptastic – iRant

Okay, a few weeks into mac ownership and I officially hate it. This damn machine regularly grinds to a halt with exotic programs like iPhoto open. Folks, this is supposed to make my life easier and I am rueing the day I met Mac. So far I have crashed iPhoto everytime I’ve opened it. Please

Investing versus Employment

For interest in a concept near and dear to my heart, please visit Miss Mentor today. I’ve just updated the How to Build Wealth Series which takes users through the process of laying out the most sensible plan of action for managing their funds. It’s not the sexy, here’s how you hedge with puts and

There goes the neighborhood

While this is a “local” rant today, the concept is familiar in every locale. Neighbors don’t talk to each other. Do you know your neighbor? What color are her eyes? How does the little old lady down the street from you like her afternoon tea? This lack of neighborhood commraderie is what leads to the

This is how I treat cell phones at meetings

No Kidding, even with clients. Turn those damn things off. I’ve met Presidents . . . of COUNTRIES and no one is so important as to have a call interrupt a meeting. Bah. Booo.   Mr. Blendit is almost my hero.

Small Business Employees

So long time ago when I was a wee little lass in college I worked with a not-for-profit which of course is different from a not-profitable – but that’s another story for another day. In those sweetly innocent days I thought, gee whiz, when start running real businesses with employees who I can afford to

Happy Thanksgiving

Please enjoy your day with family and friends. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.   Image courtesy of Martin Cathrae

Playing with balls

This fella does more with his balls than most could ever dream….

Get Out of Jail Free

Let’s celebrate Monopoly sets! The November-December issue of Mental Floss shares a poignant example of how a simple game can save lives. During WWII, the Red Cross delivered monopoly sets that contained secret extras like metal files, compasses, silk maps of safe houses and even real Italian, French and German currency under the fake money.

Stereotypes – Blondes

As a strawberry blonde I’ve had my fair share of fair-haired jokes and while most roll right off my back, occasionally I want to pull out my SAT, GMAT, GRE and other various standardized measurements. Can you be dumb and make a perfect score on the quantitative sections? I suppose it is statistically possible…. The

Perfunctory Bits

Technorati Profile This post is a test based on a silly new editor in my wordpress set-up.

I drank the Kool Aid – now with iMac

Did you mother ever ask you, “If other kids stripped down, painted their butts red and went running down the street, would you do that too?” Right, probably not, but that is how I was taught to deal with peer pressure . . . it also probably explains my occasional exhibitionist tendencies. Really, what’s so

Interesting Factoids

For those of you Financially savvy,¬† did you know that 90% of the Fortune 500 are using derivatives in thier portfolios? Here’s why this is interesting: it is further proof that not enough time is being spent on strategic decisions and instead too much time is given to minutia. Yes, No? Why are derivatives minutia?

Blueprint to a Billion

If you are in business and have lofty aspirations, then Blueprint to a Billion by David G. Thomson is a must read. No, there’s no need to be in high tech to reach a billion dollars in revenue. Indeed you may be surprised at which companies and industries really rocketed to the billion dollar revenue

Kate McKeon has an opinion . . . or two.

When it was time to redesign one of my sites, I got an idea about making one single design that all of my sites could use, and make some kind of official link network between the sites. Well, that didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. But you can still¬†peruse content from Miss Mentor as