Email Notifications

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Checking email during your workday can poorly affect your time and performance as well as adding stress to your day. You need to realize that not all emails need to be seen right away. Luckily, there is an app available that can prioritize emails notifying you when immediate emails need to be seen and not notifying you constantly of emails that can wait.

Key Takeaways:

  • A little ping may seem innocuous, but there is cumulating evidence that the cost of an interruption is higher than we realize, and of course given the sheer number of interruptions, their combined effect can very quickly become substantial.
  • With that initial starting point – the idea that very few emails need to be seen right away – we set out to build a tool to allow people create rules for receiving emails.
  • a very simple mechanism can have an impact, creating a significant amount of benefit for people.

“In terms of time cost, researches have shown that any switching between tasks results in a loss of time. In other words, “multi-tasking” is a misnomer – we aren’t actually doing two tasks at once.”

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