Contagion Fears Rise In Aftermath Of Home Capital Group Collapse

The author explores the possibility that the financials struggles of Home Capital Group could become just the beginning of a larger financial crisis to affect banking and capital institutions throughout Canada. Although industry analysts and experts believe Canada’s banking sector is one of the strongest in the world with little risk of contagion, the writer

Russian Oligarch Suffers 50% Loss On Singapore Real Estate Sale

Sometimes you lose money when you sell real estate. That is always a possibility. That being said fifty percent is a lot of loss. This can happen because the market changes. Sometimes prices are higher so selling gets you more. Buying will cost you more at those times too. When the market is up that’s

Why Bubbles Are Like Porn

The author attempts to make an association between asset bubbles in the financial markets and pornography in stating both are difficult to describe but that one knows them when they are seen. This is a lens for the writer to explore current market conditions where price ratios and other financial indicators suggest that the markets

Philly Beverage Tax Blowback: Coca Cola Sales Plunge 32%

This shows the impact these types of beverage programs can have on both the public and on companies. Coke sales are way down since the tax has been in place. Consumers are obviously not willing to pay more for their soda so they ust don’t buy it. If the goal was to lessen consumption it

What’s The Oldest Business In Your State?

A financial blog has a report about the oldest businesses in each state. The feature has a map of the United States, with the name of the oldest business on each state. The report notes that while many of these businesses are family owned restaurants or bars, a few are large, nationally known companies. The

Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Index

A website for statistics professionals has a feature on an index released by health insurance giant Blue Cross. This company released a health index, which is embedded in the feature. The index reports a national rating of.9294. It has a map of the United States. A viewer can scroll over the map to get statistical

The Tragedy This Weekend At The “Coachella For The Super Rich”

A financial blog has a story about the recent Frye Festival held in the Bahamas. The festival was designed to attract very rich Millennials to a weekend getaway. The price was $1200 with much higher prices for VIPs. Attendees were very disappointed, as they had to stay in tents and the food consisted of boxed

Is Chunking The Foundation To Complex Learning?

A website for teachers has a piece about the learning process called chunking. This is the process of taking smaller building blocks of learning, and developing them into groups. The writer uses learning how to read as an example. The reader joins letters into words, words into phrases, and phrases into sentences. The writer says

What Reason Is There to Be Optimistic About the World?: DeLong FAQ

The interview piece discusses why human beings should be optimistic about the current state of the world, especially since 1945. The responder argues that civilization has progressed tremendously over these past decades in terms of extended peace time with no wars. Also, technology has evolved greatly and more wealth has been created. Ultimately, the responder

Land Of The Free-ish

The political cartoon critiques the perceived lack of free speech currently in the American political landscape. The image depicts how free speech is only permitted by some as long as the thoughts and ideas are agreed upon. It’s implied that free speech does not always ensure that people will always agree or feel comfortable with

Here Is The Simplest Reason Why The Reflation Trade Is About To Fizzle

The piece makes the argument that recent bull market in the stock market is about to end. The author encourages investors to become more defensive in their asset allocation and to even consider shorting some investment vehicles. Readers should disregard conventional financial analysis citing China, oil prices as well as central bank policies in making

Portland Rose Parade Cancelled Amid Violent Threats From Anti-Fa: “You’ve Seen How Much Power We Have… Police Can’t Stop Us”

The article discusses the cancellation of the Portland Rose Parade based on disruptions from an Anti-Fascist organization. The group cited the delegation of a parade float to the Republican party in the country as the reason they began to protest. At the same time, the author questions whether Portland should have given into the organization

Small College Conversations and the Big Purdue / Kaplan Online Learning News

The article explores the implications of Purdue University purchasing Kaplan’s online university assets. Purdue will rename the entity New University, which will be a public institution offering degrees from its university. Adult students will be targeted for online programs that currently are employed. The author raises some ethical considerations for this approach to education. Yet,

My Story: From Tanzania To The Olympics & Stanford GSB

Benjamin Fernandes, a young man from the poor country of Tanzania, was offered a high income job in addition to two others, shortly before receiving his bachelors degree. He decided to turn down all three offers due to the want to give back to his home country. Fernandes filled in to anchor the 2013 and

The Grief of Graduation

It is not only undergraduate students who may suffer from graduation grief, but graduate students as well. As a graduate student for the past few or several years, you may have developed an identity that aligns you with academia and may feel unsettled about embarking on the next phase of your life away from the

The Echo Chamber Of Elite Economists: Often Wrong, Never In Doubt

The Echo Chamber of Elite Economists are often wrong, but never in doubt. In 2017, the whole landscape of the economy changed with the arrival of the new president. This new group is more different than the last one by a long shot. The election of Donald Trump marked a change as markets became optimistic

Conservative Students “Violently Threatened” At Lutheran College

Conservative students were violently threatened at Lutheran College. A lot of people do not like the President and they threaten people who do not see the world the same way they do. It can be scary to oppose the herd, especially when the heard gives threats out. A lot of people feel threatened by speaking

9 Years Later… Greece Is Still In A Debt Crisis!

The US if facing a debt crisis that keeps getting worse. Congress won’t raise the debt ceiling so retirement funds of federal employees are being emptied for government spending, the US is in danger of being in the same boat Greece is. Greece is in it’s ninth year of a debt crisis Without any more

Turkey Threatens Europeans: You “Will Not Walk Safely In The Streets” If Current Attitude Persists

The refugee situation in Europe is causing tensions as diplomatic relations between Turkey, Germany, and the Netherlands grow increasingly strained. Disagreements have placed in jeopardy the year-old agreement that significantly slowed the number of migrants entering the European Union from Turkey. The President of Turkey is threatening to undo the agreement and permit thousands of

How Job Insecurity Impacts Personal Identity

Job insecurity may not just cause economic stress to individuals. It also may cause an identity crisis that can negatively impact someone for years. A study featured in this article demonstrates this with a survey of 400 participants tracked throughout 2014. Subconsciously, being employed is a valuable social identity, and when that is threatened a

Well, Son of a Biscuit: Swearing Correlated with Honesty

Trustworthiness decidedly corresponded with all foulness measures, the analysts compose, implying that members lied less on the Lie scale on the off chance that they recorded a higher number of oftentimes utilized and loved to revile words or self-announced higher obscenity use in their regular daily existences, notwithstanding when controlling for age and sexual orientation.

Higher-Ranking People Have More Difficulty Spotting Unethical Behavior

At the point when untrustworthy practices happen in an association, high-positioning people at the highest point of the chain of command are required to quit wrongdoing and divert the association to a more fair way this is, to take part in principled difference. Curiously, high-positioning people were more averse to see their gathering’s conduct as

Does Your School Need Better Technology Or Better Thinking?

There is a lot of technology in schools these days but is that a good thing? Is this the best way to teach? Maybe it would be better to teach thinking skills that don’t involve just Googling something. This argument is posed here. It seems like every year schools use more and more tech and

Putting Global Debt Into Perspective – 13 Stunning Silver Stats

Throughout history silver and gold have been used as currency. Silver, however, is cheaper than gold and can be used as a stable investment strategy especially during a financial crisis. 1,000 oz of silver are in a bar of standard silver. Roughly 900 million oz is mined annually, which comes to 75 tons a day

Turning the “Motherhood Penalty” into a “Breadwinner Bonus”

Two reviews underpin the thought that the parenthood reward might be better comprehended as a provider reward that can apply to moms and additionally fathers, while the guardian punishment remained gendered, happening for moms however not fathers. A breadwinning mother was offered a higher compensation and will probably be offered administration preparing than moms named

California, Nestle, And Decentralization

Nestle will move from Glendale to Virginia. This was announced recently. There will be about 1200 jobs going with it. California has lost over 1000 businesses since the year 2008. The tax rates are just one of the reasons why people have left. One official said it was no big deal that Nestle left. California

Which Country Punishes Productive People The Most?

Some people may actually wonder which country punishes productive people the most. Personal income taxes were what was monitored here. There is also a payroll tax to think about in this area. If you the workers are not making an additional benefit, then the payroll tax will be very destructive. Key Takeaways: Authored by Alexander

[Desmos Design] Why We’re Suspicious of Immediate Feedback

If feedback is immediate you will wonder if it came from a real person or from a bot. Computerized Bots are everywhere online now. It’s also hard to know if the person providing the feedback gave it any real thought or if they just wrote whatever they thought was wanted at the time. Key Takeaways:

Email Notifications

Checking email during your workday can poorly affect your time and performance as well as adding stress to your day. You need to realize that not all emails need to be seen right away. Luckily, there is an app available that can prioritize emails notifying you when immediate emails need to be seen and not

Can You Afford That?

Not living la vida loca yet? You’re making good money, but it seems to go out the door faster than you can say import beer please? Here’s the real scoop on why you seem to be stuck in economic neutral. Taxes are a big factor, and they impact more than just your take home pay.

Learn why small businesses may not be hiring locally and what your boss really expects from you.

Career Development 2015

This course includes the essential elements of what my business school application candidates walk through on the way to writing killer applications – a blend of practical advising, passion building, and tactical implementation. I think it makes for stronger candidates and the MBA programs seem to agree**!

Excited about building a career you’re passionate about?

V&V: Aaron Cohn of Laundry Puppy

This installment of V&V covers Aaron Cohn of Laundry Puppy. He recently sold to FlyCleaner and we caught up around Thanksgiving for a debrief. Down-to-earth and super personable, Aaron is still helping Laundry Puppy clients through FlyCleaner and helping FlyCleaner maximize their investment in him. Acquisition for Talent. Big Learn: You really can do just

Be Exponentially Better, Not Incrementally

“It’s Easier To Make Something 10 Times Better Than To Make Something 10% Better” – Astro Teller, head of Google X My students who struggle the most start 30-60 points away from their target score. It seems so close. But the brutal truth is that most won’t make it. In the hordes of students I

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 2010 may be winding down, but hopefully your business is ramping up. Many wishes for a profitable and productive 2011, –Kate

This Day in History – When the French Were Strong

October 19, 1781 the British surrender to George Washington at Yorktown. Apparently General Cornwallis of the Brits did not feel well that day . . . no kidding, losing to a scrappy colony that couldn’t even dress its troops . . . so instead General O’Hara officially surrendered for the British. But even O’Hara couldn’t

Students and Self Esteem

This is the abbreviated version of a Saturday Night Live skit (Basement Karate – Bryan Cranston). What was so striking was the little boy’s reaction to getting shellacked by his old man. I have heard some of the exact same phrases out of my GMAT students…. I know, I know, I shouldn’t laugh . .

IBM and Canada – Bad Food or Bad Numbers?

IBM recently launched an ad campaign highlighting their work on education, crime prevention and food poisoning reduction . . . okay, really, the interlocking theme is Outcomes for a smarter planet. But they demonstrate those outcomes in the fields of education, food safety and crime prevention among other areas. The graphics are cute, it’s the

What is Talent

The most obvious expression of talent is that which is shown externally. A fast athlete,the top of the class, MacArthur grants . . . some talent is innate, the rest is cultivated. Can we do better cultivating the good stuff? That might depend – what is our definition of the good stuff? We fixate on

Education Career

I get the darnedest things by email. Today I received an email offering MBA-oriented positions within the Education sector. This is a real group with real reach so if you are interested in impacting public education, you may want to chat with Chaka Booker. The focus of the Broad Residency is to place those with