The Echo Chamber Of Elite Economists: Often Wrong, Never In Doubt

The Echo Chamber of Elite Economists are often wrong, but never in doubt. In 2017, the whole landscape of the economy changed with the arrival of the new president. This new group is more different than the last one by a long shot. The election of Donald Trump marked a change as markets became optimistic

Conservative Students “Violently Threatened” At Lutheran College

Conservative students were violently threatened at Lutheran College. A lot of people do not like the President and they threaten people who do not see the world the same way they do. It can be scary to oppose the herd, especially when the heard gives threats out. A lot of people feel threatened by speaking

9 Years Later… Greece Is Still In A Debt Crisis!

The US if facing a debt crisis that keeps getting worse. Congress won’t raise the debt ceiling so retirement funds of federal employees are being emptied for government spending, the US is in danger of being in the same boat Greece is. Greece is in it’s ninth year of a debt crisis Without any more

Turkey Threatens Europeans: You “Will Not Walk Safely In The Streets” If Current Attitude Persists

The refugee situation in Europe is causing tensions as diplomatic relations between Turkey, Germany, and the Netherlands grow increasingly strained. Disagreements have placed in jeopardy the year-old agreement that significantly slowerd the number of migrants entering the European Union from Turkey. The President of Turkey is threatening to undo the agreement and permit thousands of

How Job Insecurity Impacts Personal Identity

Job insecurity may not just cause economic stress to individuals, it can also may cause an identity crisis that can negatively impact someone for years. A study featured in this article demonstrates this with a survey of 400 participants tracked throughout 2014. Subconsciously, being employed is a valuable social identity, and when that is threatened

Well, Son of a Biscuit: Swearing Correlated with Honesty

Trustworthiness decidedly corresponded with all foulness measures, the analysts compose, implying that members lied less on the Lie scale on the off chance that they recorded a higher number of oftentimes utilized and loved to revile words or self-announced higher obscenity use in their regular daily existences, notwithstanding when controlling for age and sexual orientation.

Higher-Ranking People Have More Difficulty Spotting Unethical Behavior

At the point when untrustworthy practices happen in an association, high-positioning people at the highest point of the chain of command are required to quit wrongdoing and divert the association to a more fair way this is, to take part in principled difference. Curiously, high-positioning people were more averse to see their gathering’s conduct as

Does Your School Need Better Technology Or Better Thinking?

There is a lot of technology in schools these days but is that a good thing? Is this the best way to teach? Maybe it would be better to teach thinking skills that don’t involve just Googling something. This argument is posed here. It seems like every year schools use more and more tech and

Putting Global Debt Into Perspective – 13 Stunning Silver Stats

Throughout history silver and gold have been used as currency. Silver, however, is cheaper than gold and can be used as a stable investment strategy especially during a financial crisis. 1,000 oz of silver are in a bar of standard silver. Roughly 900 million oz is mined annually, which comes to 75 tons a day

Turning the “Motherhood Penalty” into a “Breadwinner Bonus”

Two reviews underpin the thought that the parenthood reward might be better comprehended as a provider reward that can apply to moms and additionally fathers, while the guardian punishment remained gendered, happening for moms however not fathers. A breadwinning mother was offered a higher compensation and will probably be offered administration preparing than moms named

California, Nestle, And Decentralization

Nestle will move from Glendale to Virginia. This was announced recently. There will be about 1200 jobs going with it. California has lost over 1000 businesses since the year 2008. The tax rates are just one of the reasons why people have left. One official said it was no big deal that Nestle left. California

Which Country Punishes Productive People The Most?

Some people may actually wonder which country punishes productive people the most. Personal income taxes were what was monitored here. There is also a payroll tax to think about in this area. If you the workers are not making an additional benefit, then the payroll tax will be very destructive. Key Takeaways: Authored by Alexander

[Desmos Design] Why We’re Suspicious of Immediate Feedback

If feedback is immediate you will wonder if it came from a real person or from a bot. Computerized Bots are everywhere online now. It’s also hard to know if the person providing the feedback gave it any real thought or if they just wrote whatever they thought was wanted at the time. Key Takeaways:

Email Notifications

Checking email during your workday can poorly affect your time and performance as well as adding stress to your day. You need to realize that not all emails need to be seen right away. Luckily, there is an app available that can prioritize emails notifying you when immediate emails need to be seen and not

Can You Afford That?

Not living la vida loca yet? You’re making good money, but it seems to go out the door faster than you can say import beer please? Here’s the real scoop on why you seem to be stuck in economic neutral. Taxes are a big factor, and they impact more than just your take home pay.

Learn why small businesses may not be hiring locally and what your boss really expects from you.

Career Development 2015

This course includes the essential elements of what my business school application candidates walk through on the way to writing killer applications – a blend of practical advising, passion building, and tactical implementation. I think it makes for stronger candidates and the MBA programs seem to agree**!

Excited about building a career you’re passionate about?

V&V: Aaron Cohn of Laundry Puppy

This installment of V&V covers Aaron Cohn of Laundry Puppy. He recently sold to FlyCleaner and we caught up around Thanksgiving for a debrief. Down-to-earth and super personable, Aaron is still helping Laundry Puppy clients through FlyCleaner and helping FlyCleaner maximize their investment in him. Acquisition for Talent. Big Learn: You really can do just

Be Exponentially Better, Not Incrementally

“It’s Easier To Make Something 10 Times Better Than To Make Something 10% Better” – Astro Teller, head of Google X My students who struggle the most start 30-60 points away from their target score. It seems so close. But the brutal truth is that most won’t make it. In the hordes of students I

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 2010 may be winding down, but hopefully your business is ramping up. Many wishes for a profitable and productive 2011, –Kate

This Day in History – When the French Were Strong

October 19, 1781 the British surrender to George Washington at Yorktown. Apparently General Cornwallis of the Brits did not feel well that day . . . no kidding, losing to a scrappy colony that couldn’t even dress its troops . . . so instead General O’Hara officially surrendered for the British. But even O’Hara couldn’t

Students and Self Esteem

This is the abbreviated version of a Saturday Night Live skit (Basement Karate – Bryan Cranston). What was so striking was the little boy’s reaction to getting shellacked by his old man. I have heard some of the exact same phrases out of my GMAT students…. I know, I know, I shouldn’t laugh . .

IBM and Canada – Bad Food or Bad Numbers?

IBM recently launched an ad campaign highlighting their work on education, crime prevention and food poisoning reduction . . . okay, really, the interlocking theme is Outcomes for a smarter planet. But they demonstrate those outcomes in the fields of education, food safety and crime prevention among other areas. The graphics are cute, it’s the

What is Talent

The most obvious expression of talent is that which is shown externally. A fast athlete,the top of the class, MacArthur grants . . . some talent is innate, the rest is cultivated. Can we do better cultivating the good stuff? That might depend – what is our definition of the good stuff? We fixate on

Education Career

I get the darnedest things by email. Today I received an email offering MBA-oriented positions within the Education sector. This is a real group with real reach so if you are interested in impacting public education, you may want to chat with Chaka Booker. The focus of the Broad Residency is to place those with

More Math Education, Less Self Esteem Training

  Finances. If you’ve ever struggled with your tax return, wondered how interest rates could stay so low, or tried to explain why raising taxes on employers is actually not conducive to job creation…. We need solid math education now more than ever. We are no longer an agrarian nation yet we teach math like

August 2010 – Meeting Mom

This month’s Date with Kate was in New Orleans with Chris Ochs, a reader and friend from Denver, CO. Knowing my weakness for football and really, sporting events in general, Chris offered a trip to the Big Easy to watch the Saints take on the Chargers (San Diego for those not in the know). Turns

It’s all in the NUMBers – Insurance 101

Have you ever tried to figure out your health insurance benefits? What a confounding experience. I spent a little time today reviewing my coverage. As much as I’d like to claim it’s because I’m that organized, but really it’s just because my part time employer recently made benefits available to us. So, why not take

The Real Robin Hood

Would the real Robin Hood please stand up? “If you don’t stop levying these evil taxes, I will lead the people of England in a revolt against you!” -Robin, Men in Tights, 1993 Mel Brooks made a mildly popular movie to skewer the story of Robin in 1993 – if you love puns, you will

Obama’s Fiscal Priorities are Skewed

Blinder’s Blinders lead to National Blunders, or Obama versus King Solomon . . . So here’s a question for you: Is it better to give 50,000 people $1 or give one employee a $50,000 job that allows him to contribute to a growing company? Increasing the tax burden on small employers to increase the unemployment

Laffer’s Laughing

Arthur Laffer recently offered his thoughts on the Unemployment Benefits in the Wall Street Journal opinion pages…. What kept coming to mind is, how are we even having this conversation? And by conversation I mean, how can we look at the empirical evidence concerning unemployment benefits and still somehow draw the conclusion that extending them

Happy 4th of July!

The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. There is no better birthday than to celebrate the continued life of what was conceived as a great experiment 234 years ago. We’ve come a long way in 234 years…. A quick refresher of the opening preamble of the Constitution of the United States: We the people


I can’t even make this up . . . Students in France are protesting again. A few years ago they protested AGAINST lowering the bar for employers to be able to hire students. Employers wanted to be able to pay less experienced people a lower rate. The minimum benefits an employer has to set aside

Cost of Education

Friday night my little sisters graduated from high school. Come Fall they are off to college. What better time to reflect on the changing values of a college education. Does it make sense to go to the best school you get into? Is it worth $100k, $200k in debt? It seems to depend on what

Can you win in Teal?

So it is official. The Philly Flyers will play the Chicago Blackhawks for the Stanley Cup. Montreal, the third “Original Six” in the conference finals was axed by the Flyers tonight. Wow. Montreal has a losing streak a mile long (last won the cup in 1986, quarter century itch?). . . but guess who’s streak

Start at the Beginning

As students struggle to determine how to invest their time wisely, one question dominates the conversation. Do I make incremental improvement or do I start from the beginning? In proper CYA fashion, it depends . . . But what it depends upon may surprise you.

Consenting Adults Part 2

  So how is the Federal Government going to save me from myself today? Back to the topic of interns . . . which can mean SO many different things depending on the administration…. For the Obama administration it means legislation. In particular, enforcement of legislation against unpaid internships. Never mind that the Obama political

Consenting Adults

The Labor Department is out to protect you from yourself. Legislation prohibiting unpaid internships is officially in force. “If you’re a for-profit employer or you want to pursue an internship with  for-profit employer, there aren’t going to be many circumstances where you can have an internship and not be paid and still be in compliance

Hot Nerds – Barbie Dedicates Herself to Science

How great! Barbie is officially geeking out. The Wall Street Journal reports that Computer Scientist won the popular vote for What career would you like Barbie to have next. The vote ultimately split between the under tweens and the adults. Adults pushed for Computer Scientist and the little girls pushed for Anchorwoman. Lots of little

April Date with Kate

Thank you for the reminder that I was a little behind in naming the March Date with Kate winner. Indeed – a month behind. 🙂 So Sid’s name did not grace the front of, but he has forgiven me. Now it is Michele’s turn. The April winner for Date with Kate is Michele. A

Education Issues – State v Federal Standards

Former Intel CEO Craig Barrett is behind the Common Core State Standards Initiative and hopes you will be too…. Mr. Barrett sees common education standards as essential to creating the work force of tomorrow and he wants to narrow the gap in education quality among the states. All of which sounds ideal . . .

Crush Your Competition – the Superstar Effect

The best way to win? Be better. How much better? Soul crushingly better. Sound cruel? The Weekend Journal shared a great piece about the Superstar effect – how some stars are so much better than everyone else in the field that they literally crush their competition before the game/match/negotiation begins. Boris Spassky, Bobby Fishcher’s rival