California, Nestle, And Decentralization

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Nestle will move from Glendale to Virginia. This was announced recently. There will be about 1200 jobs going with it. California has lost over 1000 businesses since the year 2008. The tax rates are just one of the reasons why people have left. One official said it was no big deal that Nestle left. California has a lot of regulation and businesses cannot gain a lot there.

Key Takeaways:

  • The once Golden State has lost some 1690 businesses since 2008 and a net outflow of a million of mostly middle-class people
  • California’s ruling elite seemingly remains utterly clueless as to why this is happening and/or doesn’t seem to care.
  • before the breakup of the nation state can become a reality, the ideological case for political decentralization must be made.

“Nestle USA has announced that it will move its headquarters from Glendale, California, to Rosslyn, Virginia, taking with it about 1200 jobs.”

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