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About Kate McKeon

Kate McKeon spent her formative years in Texas and in the words of LBJ, meanders back to Texas “… early and often….” She considers Dallas home, but currently resides in NYC.

In Texas you can try anything once, after that we may shoot you.

-Kate McKeon

kmm headKate has coached business owners since 2005 and had moderate success with her own enterprise, Bowltix. Bowltix was officially closed in 2008. Bowltix served retail and wholesale customers from 2004 through 2008. Bowltix specialized in providing event tickets to College Football Bowl Games. It was the testing ground for online marketing plans and process automation. Kate was able to condense the work year to 51 hours. Thank you to the many direct and indirect Bowltix customers. It was a great ride.

After a stint with ManhattanGMAT(now owned by Kaplan, owned by Washington Post, owned by Jeff Bezos), Kate opened Prepwise to make extraordinary education accessible. Prepwise uses proprietary algorithms to help individual students maximize their learning outcomes. Seeing over 2500 students in approximately 3 years led to powerful realizations about the impact of attitude for both the student and teacher in gaining success. If you are interested in success, you can do no better than visit with Kate. If you want the same plan of action another student used, she’ll probably tell you to go fly a kite.

Prepwise is actively building a team of scientists working on neurological, bio-mechanical, and chemical responses to understand functional and abstract responses to learning moments in order to incorporate a whole new layer of information for personalization. If you know someone heavily involved in creating experiments or understanding these kinds of mechanisms, please put us in touch! kate_at_prepwise_dot_com

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Kate McKeon is the CEO of Prepwise (, an educational technology firm focused on better student outcomes through better personal data, specializing in the undergraduate and graduate school admission process as well as career development. McKeon has helped over 2,500 students.

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